Queer Rappers Spice Up Salt-N-Pepa in “Let’s Talk About PrEP” PSA

KC Ortiz and Big Dipper break down the HIV prevention drug for Howard Brown Health.

All the ladies: Louder now, help me out.

Howard Brown Health, the largest LGBTQ healthcare organization in the Midwest, has released a new song and video, “Let’s Talk About PrEP,” to bring awareness to the importance of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in the fight against HIV.

Performed by Chicago-based trans rapper KC Ortiz and featuring bear rapper Big Dipper, “Let’s Talk About PrEP” reimagines Salt-N-Pepa’s 1991 classic “Let’s Talk About Sex,” which was later rerecorded as “Let’s Talk About AIDS.”

“This song is about conversation—we need to talk about PrEP and HIV in our community,” says Ortiz. “When we talk to our partners and our loved ones about sexual health, we are eliminating stigma. Let’s talk about sex. Let’s talk about HIV. Let’s talk about PrEP.”

"A no nothing trick with a know nothing dick, yeah, to me that shit is whack,” raps Big Dipper in the video, which also stars local drag activist Lucy Stoole, DJs [X]P and All the Way Kay, comic Tien Tran, and other Chicago influencers.

“‘Let’s Talk about PrEP’ is both a celebration and a call to action—we are on the precipice of an HIV-free generation, and PrEP is one of the tools we need to get us there," says Howard Brown Health director of communications Erik Roldan in a statement. "However, we must continue to increase PrEP access among communities who need it, particularly people of color on the south side of Chicago."

According to the CDC, regular PrEP use can reduce the risk of contracting HIV by up to 92%. Billed as a “miracle drug” by some HIV/AIDS activists and also known as brand name Truvada, PrEP is given out for free in certain areas with high rates of new HIV infections.

"Let’s Talk About PrEP" below.

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