Gay Dads Confront Homophobic Judgment on “Wife Swap” Reboot

"While our family is non-traditional, we are a family nonetheless!"

What happens when a wife gets swapped for a husband?

Paramount Network recently rebooted Wife Swap, and this week's spousal switcheroo featured the family show's first gay black couple.

Atlanta hubbies and Instagram influencers Terrell and Jarius Joseph have two children, Aria and Ashton, via surrogacy. The millennial dads swapped with Matt and Nina Goss, a traditional religious couple raising eight kids.

"God comes first," says Nina after asking Jarius to lead the blessing over their meal. "I felt like it was really important to show him what the true love of God is."

"It just made me feel as though Nina thinks God is not present enough in my household because we’re gay," Jarius says, "and that’s just super-frustrating because someone is passing judgment on a situation that they don’t know about.”

"Do you feel like being gay is a sin?" Jarius asks Nina during a biblical devotional on judgment.

"I feel like the Bible does tell us that being gay is a sin," says Nina, who opens her ears and ultimately decides she may've been too quick to judge. "How is it okay for me to tell someone you’re not worthy of my love because you love a person of the same sex? That doesn’t seem fair to me."

"We are and will always stand for inclusion for our community and making sure there is a representation for our voice," Terrell and Jarius tell Gays With Kids. "To be able to show the world what it's like being in a same-sex family and break negative stereotypes associated with it was truly rewarding."

"It was tough to face some of the hot-button issues; especially sexual orientation," the couple continues. "However, it was a conversation that was needed so we can show the world how it affects us as a community. We understand that growth is sometimes uncomfortable but it is necessary nonetheless."

"We hope this episode allows everyone outside of our community to see that our family is rooted in love. We want people to know that our children are loved beyond measure, protected from harm, and are being taught to be kind and accepting of others who are different than them. While our family is non-traditional, we are a family nonetheless!"

Wife Swap airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Paramount Network.