Jake Shears Animates Video for Breakup Anthem “Same Song Backwards”


Looks like Jake Shears is still using scissors, sisters.

Hot on the heels of his Broadway debut in Kinky Boots and the publication of his memoirBoys Keep Swinging, Shears has released a DIY lyric video for his new breakup ditty, "Same Song Backwards."

"So I got a wild hair a couple weeks ago and made a lyric video to 'Sad Song Backwards' in my parents' kitchen," the gay heartthrob writes on Instagram, "with a stack of paper and some Sharpies." Vodka and Red Bull bottles also roll in to make a cameo.

"Play a sad song backwards and I’ll pretend I’ve got you back," Shears sings on the track. "Make believe that I’m not pacing up and down these halls and taking double fistfuls of Prozac.”

The crafty lyric video follows Shears' proper music video for "Creep City," his first official single as a solo artist.

Shears, who rose to fame as frontman and lead songwriter of New York band Scissor Sisters, announced in May that his self-titled debut solo album will be available August 10. Other songs on the album include "S.O.B.," "Clothes Off," and "Big Bushy Mustache."

"Every song on the record is one live take with eight or nine people playing together," he tells Fader. "It was exhilarating to not feel confined to a grid. We basically ditched the middleman, and I was able to create something that was truly my own. I’ve never felt so cocky about anything I’ve made."

On hiatus since 2012, Scissor Sisters reunited last summer in collaboration with MNDR to release “Swerlk,” a benefit song honoring victims of Orlando’s Pulse nightclub tragedy.

Shears recently gave an interview encouraging LGBTQ fans to “hang on to certain queer values.”

Check out "Same Song Backwards" below.

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