Where Are They Now? thirtysomething's Gay Couple

Their relatively tame bedroom tryst in a 1989 episode of thirtysomething led to mass rioting and the end of civilization. Not quite, but it did raise some controversy and earned a place in TV history as the first time a gay couple was depicted in bed together.

And today? They make for excellent gay trivia: Whatever happened to thirtysomething’s gay couple?

There’s wonderful symmetry to this. For one thing, it’s hard to imagine B&S’s Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) getting so much action in the bedroom on network TV if Grant and Frechette hadn’t made that bed and lain in it first. Plus, Grant’s connections to Brothers & Sisters reveals a chain of incestuous connections that rivals a Fire Island summer share. Ron Rifkin, who stars on B&S as Uncle Saul, appeared on Alias, where Grant appeared as an assassin. And Brothers & Sisters is produced by none other than thirtysomething’s Michael, Ken Olin.

And then there’s this bit of trivia.... In Angels in America, Grant’s character, the closeted Republican Joe Pitt, is seduced by Louis, played by Joe Mantello. At the time, Mantello’s partner was hot NY playwright Jon Robin Baitz, who went on to create a little show called Brothers & Sisters.

Hey, I think I just invented a drinking game: 6 degrees of gay separation. Next round: connect the first Stephen from Dynasty with the second in 6 gays or less.

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