Watch: “Queer Eye” Star Tan France Talks Hasan Minhaj Into a Crop Top

"What up, Antoni?"

"It's a brown thing!"

Tan France, resident fashion expert of Netflix’s Emmy-winning Queer Eye reboot, takes Hasan Minhaj on a hilarious shopping spree in a new digital crossover short.

The comedian needs suits and suit-alternatives to wear as host of his new Netflix series, Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj.

Because of their shared brilluminati connection—"that's the brown illuminati," Minhaj explains—and skin tone, France declares, "I'm just going to turn you into me." That means Minhaj, whether he likes it or not, gets to join the crop top crew!

"I cannot look like an Indian fuckboy," says the Daily Show vet, who's also worried the new outfits and accessories will make him look like "Indian Arsenio," "a Windows ’95 screensaver," or simply "dweeby."

"You’re representing brown people," France tells him. "You don’t need to try to be cool. You are cool."

"That’s really beautiful," Minhaj responds. "Did you just Queer Eye me?"

France also reveals that Queer Eye, which has already featured a trans man, welcomes a "formidable" lesbian in the "amplified" third season. He adds, "What we do with her, I think you’re gonna love it.”

Season 3 of Queer Eye, which has moved production from Georgia to Missouri, is set to premiere on Netflix in 2019.

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