Famous Gay Penguin Dads Adopt for Second Time

Sphen and Magic, housed at Sydney's Sea Life Aquarium, could become adoptive parents yet again.

Australia's famous gay penguin couple Sphen and Magic, who won hearts last year when they successfully hatched an adopted egg at Sydney's Sea Life Aquarium, are trying for another baby.

The pair have been raising their first child, Spengic, like pros and are now being charged with attempting to hatch another egg when handlers noticed another couple struggling to care for two eggs at once.

Tish Hannan, who supervises the penguin colony, said in a statement that the decision was made to transfer the egg to "the power couple of the colony," noting they had the "neatest and largest nest" of all the penguins.

Hannan added that Sphengic “had an excellent start to life under their care, and while she’s still a bundle of energy and very loud, she’s matured nicely but [is] still quite unsure as to what all the adults are doing this breeding season.”

It is still unclear if the egg is fertilized but the pair are taking turns keeping it warm and handlers are hoping for a successful incubation.

Sphen and Magic are but two of dozens of gay and lesbian penguin couples in zoos and aquariums around the world, which also includes Rory and Silo from New York’s Central Park Zoo, who were featured in the children's book And Tango Makes Three.