Boys Raped, Given Electric Shocks, As Part Of Brutal Gay "Cure"

"I felt I was still being punished."

Stories of extreme abuse and even torture continue to emerge from the abhorrent history of so-called conversion therapy, aimed at turning gay people straight.

One Australian man just came forward with particularly harrowing allegations, telling a Royal Commission he was repeatedly given shock treatments as a teenager at Turana youth correctional center in Victoria.

"I remember at times screaming from the pain of the electric shocks and being thrown from the chair," said Robert Cummings, who was 16 when he was there in the 1971.

"I learned from that point on not to say anything about the abuse as I felt I was still being punished and was not being believed about what was happening to me."

Cummings, 60, says jolts of electricity were administered as images of naked men appeared on a screen.

More than 200 people have come forward with allegations of abuse at the Turana center. Many report being raped and attacked by staff; some women report being forcibly given contraceptive injections. Cummings says complaints about abuse resulted in his doctors upping his dosage of electricity.

Conversion therapy has been widely discredited by all major medical organizations, and California, New Jersey and Oregon have outlawed the practice on minors. In May, Rep. Ted Lieu introduced a House bill that would ban the practice nationally.

h/t: Gay Star News

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