Queer Geeks Get In Formation At Brooklyn's Flame Con 2

Because secret identities are for comic books.

This weekend was the second annual Flame-Con in New York, where thousands of LGBTQ+ geeks and their allies united to celebrate their love of comic books, gaming, sci-fi, cartoons and more.

Once again, Geeks Out produced a killer con, expanded to two awesome days at the Marriott Hotel-Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn.

There were lotsa cool vendors.

Like Drag Race artist extraordinaire Chad Sell

And this lady.

Who DOESN'T need a crocheted jockstrap (that glows in the dark).

There were also panels galore.

A costume contest.

Industry biggies like Phil Jimenez (Superwoman), Steve Orlando (Midnighter) and iconic X-Men writer Chris Clairmont (!)

And Barb!

Stevonnie from Steven Universe.

The Endless' Dream and Delirium

Some of the best cosplay was actually crossplay, when fans genderflip popular characters from comics, games, movies and TV.

Like this genderflip Rogue.

And his fabulous X-men.


The Teen Titans' Raven

Sailor Venus

That's a genderswap Power Girl—with Drag Race's Dax Exclamatcoionpoint as Sailor Moon.

And who wouldn't go "under the sea" for King Ariel?

Speaking of damn sexy cosplayers...

Below, absorb more of the amazingness of Flame-Con.


Only if you're doing it right.


Captain America and America Chavez

She-Hulk and Agent Carter for your nerves.

We're pretty sure Eleven is going to be THE Halloween costume to beat this year.

Feed me, Ivy!

Trans pusheen pride!

Steven and the Stevens



When things get a little cray.

And we're DONE.