Menswear Ads With Gay Couples Are Being Vandalized In The Netherlands

Suitsupply CEO Fokke de Jong said he expected the ads had "potential for negative impact."

Billboards and bus posters featuring male couples kissing have been defaced by vandals in the Netherlands.

The ads, from Dutch clothier Suitsupply, feature men in a variety of intimate poses. In Vlaardingen, about an hour from Amsterdam, one vandal covered the models mouths with black tape. In the northern city of Groningen, another billboard was censored with yellow tape.


According to Suitsupply, ads have been vandalized throughout the country, with posters either torn or removed, and bus shelters damaged, as well. The luxury tailoring brand launched the campaign last month in almost 100 stores across 22 countries (though not Russia or the United Arab Emirates), as well on billboards, street posters, and social media.

One day after the images posted on Instagram, Suitsupply reportedly lost more than 14,000 followers.


CEO Fokke de Jong admitted the ads might not go over so well in some places.

“We do believe there is potential for negative impact, especially in countries where we have a significant presence, that are known for contrasting viewpoints,” he said before the current spate of vandalism.

“[But] the attraction between people is an important part of fashion advertising. A campaign featuring the attraction between men was long overdue and particularly relevant for our brand.”


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