Lammily, The Realistic Barbie Doll, Eats Birthday Cake Alone, Is Totally "Average"

We know that the beauty standard put forth by Barbie are totally unrealistic—and one dollmaker is actually doing something about it: Nikolay Lamm successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop Lammily, the doll with "average" looks.

Why average? "Average is beautiful" declares the Lammily website. "Has there ever been a non-beautiful average sunset? Who you are, that is beautiful. We need to rethink our perception of 'average.' It doesn’t signify mediocrity, but rather it challenges us to think more deeply. Average includes us all. And all of us are beautiful."

Lammily (whic is the brand name—each girl can name her own doll) is a mousy brunette with wide hips, some junk in the trunk and "minimal makeup," according to the site.

And her style is very lesbian chic, circa 1996. "Her wardrobe isn’t composed of typical clothing for dolls – she is dressed with striking simplicity," declares Lamm.

This sounds like a great idea for young girls. For young boys who like to play with dolls, however, we still need them to come with bleach-blond hair, fuck-me heels and wraparound dresses, thank you very much.

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