More Than 40% Of Gay Men Think Effeminate Guys Give Them A Bad Rep, Survey Finds

"Masculinity is in crisis."

Girl, bye.

As part of their new "Masculinity" issue, Attitude editors conducted a survey about gay men's relationship to masculinity, snatching the wig off femme-shaming and self-loathing.

Modern Family/ABC

Polling more than 5,000 gay men last month, the U.K. magazine found that 71% of gay men have found themselves sexually turned off by a prospective partner because he showed signs of femininity. In fact, only 29% of those polled said they saw effeminate traits in men as a positive thing.

Taking it a step further, 41% affirmed that they believe effeminate gay men give the gay community a bad image or reputation, and 41% have also considered themselves “less of a man” because of their sexuality.

“Masculinity is in crisis," says Attitude editor Matt Cain in response to the findings. "At least that’s the message that seems to emerge pretty much every day from the mainstream media."

"I’ve spent much of my life being made to feel as if I’m less of a man for being gay," Cain continues. "And that any signs of femininity I may exhibit make me a less important or less valued member of society. And I know lots of other gay men who feel the same way."

How do you feel, butch?