"Big Brother" Season 15 Winner Announced After Hate-Filled, Exhausting Season

Andy herrenBig Brother finally crowned the winner of Season 15 in a live ceremony tonight, after a season that saw housemates spewing vitriol bigoted enough to make CBS put a disclaimer on the show and cost several contestants their livelihoods.

In the end (SPOILER ALERT) gay college teacher Andy Herren edged out GinaMarie Zimmerman in a 7-2 jury vote and will be cashing that $500,000 check. He may want to deposit that money, though, since the College of DuPage is no longer employing him. (Despite being an all-around sleaze, Zimmerman scored a $50,000 payday as runner-up.)

Related: “Big Brother” Contestants Even More Racist, Homophobic Than We Thought sums up the carrottop's victory:

But Andy made a good case for himself. He won competitions in the endgame. He argued that his role as Double-Triple-Quadruple Agent was singlehandedly responsible for evicting half the jury; he walked right up to saying that he was the power behind the Amanda throne. You might not like his gameplay, and it certainly didn’t create much drama. But he won fair and square. And give Andy some credit: After a game filled with backstabbery, his last move demonstrated loyalty, keeping GinaMarie around even though Spencer would’ve been a much less dangerous Final-Two opponent.

Are we happy the gay guy won? Meh—Big Brother has had LGBT contestants almost from the beginning. And Andy, while certainly sweeter than Aryan or GinaMarie, was hardly a paragon of moral fortitude. But at least now he can go on The Talk and read Spencer for filth for calling him "Kermit the Fag."

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