'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 15 Queens Dish on Their Favorite Movies From 2022

Serving cinephile realness!

It may be 2023, but with awards season just getting started we are still celebrating the films of last year.

The Golden Globes return to television on Jan. 10 for the first time since 2021, and the nominations for the 95th annual Academy Awards are announced later this month on Jan. 24. But enough about the Hollywood Foreign Press and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — we want to know what 2022 movies left the queens gagged.

That's right: The glamazons of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 are serving cinephile realness. Scroll through below to find out which queens stan Everything Everywhere All at Once and which one is obsessed with... The Cat in the Hat starring Mike Myers?

  • Amethyst


    "It's hard to pick. I'm a really, really, really big movie person, but a really beautiful and life-changing movie for me was Everything Everywhere All at Once. It was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it."

  • Anetra


    "I don't have a movie that I was obsessed with this year, but I will tell you that the movie that I am obsessed with and will forever be obsessed with is Bridesmaids. It's Bridesmaids and Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar for me. Anything with Kristen Wiig."

  • Aura Mayari


    "I watched the Elvis movie with my boyfriend in the theaters. Amazing, amazing. It was a great biopic. It was very long but amazing. They said that it was very true to the story compared to other movies and documentaries that they've done about him."

  • Irene Dubois


     "Jurassic Park Dominion. Jurassic Park was my favorite movie when I was like three years old. And the fact that they're making new ones is a slay. I mean, it was a bad movie, a terrible movie. They did an awful job. But it's cool to see dinosaurs. And Laura Dern, and honestly, Jeff Goldblum. They were both sickening, but the rest of that movie was God-awful."

  • Jax


    "Hands down, Nope. That is Keke Palmer's greatest work. It was such an innovative movie. I went into watching it entirely blind, not knowing anything about it, and that was just the best experience I ever had. It just kept me on my toes the entire time. So I hope it sweeps. It better sweep."

  • Loosey LaDuca


    "For me, it would have to be the latest Halloween movie. Controversial, but I loved it. I'm a really big horror movie fan, and it was supposed to be the last Halloween movie. We will see."

  • Luxx Noir London


    "I really loved House of Gucci just because of Mother [Monster]. Wait, was that last year? I don't really remember what my favorite movie is. But just recently I did watch this movie called The Menu. It's not what you expect, it's a lot of twists and turns, but it was really, really good. But I think that "Hold My Hand" should win the Oscar for Best Original Song. I'm sure it will be nominated but it needs to win because if not, I will riot. I haven't heard a better song."

  • Malaysia Babydoll Foxx


    "Well, this past year, I actually saw this movie maybe a week or two ago, The Woman King with Viola Davis. It was really, really, really good. I loved the message in it."

  • Marcia Marcia Marcia


    "So I go to the movies every Tuesday by myself. It's like my solo date that I take for my self-care. And I really loved Triangle of Sadness, which got some Golden Globe noms. It was pretty cool. But yeah, if you like White Lotus, it's very that."

  • Mistress Isabelle Brooks


    "I'm not a very big movie person, and considering that we were locked up for a few weeks this year [filming Drag Race]. So I've put myself in lockdown just to keep the momentum going. So I've been in my Amish era with no electronics, no movies, no nothing."

  • Princess Poppy


    "Okay, I think it's going to win the Oscar, but Everything Everywhere All at Once. If you have not seen it, please, everybody should go see it. And this is not going to win any Oscars. It might, I highly doubt it, but if anybody's ever seen X or Pearl, those movies changed my life. They're changing the horror game."

  • Robin Fierce


    "For me, it is definitely Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Literally watching it, my melanin was on fire the entire time and Angela Bassett is forever and always that bitch."

  • Salina EsTitties


    "I just saw The Fabelmans and I cried the entire time. If you're an artist, Spielberg just captured it. The movie magic that he created was just so beautiful. I love cinema. There's a little Oscar situation that happens for me in the first or second episode [of this season], so get ready."

  • Sasha Colby


    "I genuinely haven't seen a lot of movies. We were kind of busy doing a show, but no, I did love the new Black Panther."

  • Spice


    "I feel like I've been watching a lot of movies on Netflix, but the thing is that the edible hits at that certain time of night, so I really don't remember anything from these movies that I've been watching. So I feel like I would definitely say I've been watching more reality TV. I just watch trash reality TV, like Housewives, Jersey Shore, ANTM... I'm just always on Hulu and Netflix trying to watch an old season from like 2004."

  • Sugar


    "I'm really not a movie person, but when we were actually filming the show, in the hotel we just had Netflix. I was just styling [my drag] a lot of ways, so I had to throw on a movie, and it was The Cat in the Hat. I just live, I know that's an older one, but The Cat in the Hat gave! I kind of want to do a drag version of The Cat in the Hat, because actually, there was a dance thing in my high school and I was the male Cat in the Hat, I don't know. But how cunt-y and stunt-y would a fierce Cat in the Hat be? With a little red and white striped long dress? Yes!"

    RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 premieres Friday, Jan. 6 at 8 pm on MTV.

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