Anti-Trump Resistance Theme Is Making L.A. Pride A Hard Sell To Advertisers

The parade's usual sponsors have been pulling out of this year's political protest.

When organizers for Los Angeles' Pride Parade decided to turn this year's festivities into an anti-Trump march, they may not have considered the loss in advertising that would result from the political statement.

Although L.A. Pride is usually sponsored by major brands like Bud Light and Skyy Vodka, march organizer Brian Pendleton told Four Two Nine that corporations are not participating in this year's #Resist march in order to avoid getting caught up in its political message.

“Community members are behind this, but the corporate community is somewhat dubious and nervous about it,” Pendleton said. “I find it amazing that we’ve been able to get corporations on board with the celebratory frivolity of a parade, but when it comes to standing up for human rights, it’s making them a little bit nauseous.”

Wells Fargo is one of the businesses that has advertised on the Pride floats in the past, but will not be joining this year's march, citing its company-wide policy to not support political events.

Although there's still time for sponsors to change their minds in the next eight weeks leading up to the event, Pendleton doesn't think it's likely to happen. But he also doesn't seem worried.

“We’ve had individuals write us checks for $10,000, $15,000," he said. “The community is behind us.”

L.A.'s Pride Parade turned LGBT Resist March will take place on Sunday, June 11.