Restaurant Apologizes for Serving Gay Customer Homophobic Leftovers Note

A takeout bag at the South Carolina eatery allegedly included a message reading "f*g."

A popular South Carolina restaurant was forced to apologize for an employee who slipped a customer a note with an anti-gay slur, The State reports.

After dining with a group for a birthday celebration at Yesterdays Restaurant & Tavern in Columbia, Cyntrell Jones Legette posted on Facebook last weekend that a kitchen worker had stuck a note reading “fag” in the to-go bag intended for her gay friend.

Legette claims that when she complained, the restaurant manager blew her off and dismissed the homophobic note as just a “joke.”

"There’s nothing funny about being disrespected," she wrote. "Please don’t patronize them."

Following public outcry on social media, Yesterdays owners posted an apology on Facebook, assuring customers that the offending employee had been fired and that multiple staff meetings were being held to further address the issue.

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"We at Yesterdays Restaurant & Tavern deeply regret the incident," the message read. "It was hurtful and offensive breach of the commitment Yesterdays has made to our community for over forty years to provide an environment that is inclusive and respectful to each and every guest who comes through the door, regardless of color, creed, or sexual orientation."

"This is a serious matter and we're treating it as such," the owners continued. "While the employee in question was dismissed on the spot this is by no means the end of our commitment to the local LBGTQ community. We have always supported this community but will step up our efforts and involve our employees. Hopefully we can use this as learning opportunity not just for the employee in question but all of our staff."

"I am not angry at the owners, if they are true to their word and do not uphold this behavior," Legette later commented. "To answer everyone's question, no one in our party desires anything such as free food, a lawsuit, etc. To those who used the term 'entitled,' I feel entitled to patronize any establishment and not be harassed."

"It was never a joke between employees," Legette continued. "It's also too coincidental for that note to have ended up in the bag of a gay man. I always have and will continue to stand up for those who are bullied and mistreated."