Watch: Trans Model Munroe Bergdorf Calls Out Piers Morgan's Bigotry

"That's because you're a cis, straight man."

Transgender model and activist Munroe Bergdorf made an appearance on Good Morning Britain to discuss trans and gender-nonconforming children, and used the opportunity to call out host Piers Morgan for his problematic statements.

Bergdorf appeared with author Stephanie Davies-Arai, who argued, along with Morgan, that encouraging students to self-identify around gender was dangerous. The show was centered primarily on news of a school in Brighton where 40 students, between the ages of 11 and 16, said they do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth, and another 36 said they are gender fluid, according to a council survey.

"When 76 children at one longer wish to identify as male or female, I think this is a complete and utter nonsense. And worse, a dangerous nonsense," Morgan said, before asking Bergdorf to prove him wrong.

Morgan already misunderstands the numbers, as someone identifying as a gender other than that assigned at birth does not mean they no longer identify as male or female, nor does it necessarily mean that for those who are fluid.

Bergdorf questions why he sees the free exploration of gender by young adults threatening, and he counters by asking if one day no one will identify as male or female, to which she responds, essentially, no, but even if that did happen, "What of it?"

"Is it possible (trans and gender non-conforming children) have all just latched onto a fad that's getting more and more attention, and they are basically having their minds turned to gender fluidity?" Morgan asked.

"I don't think that that's the case at all. I think that what we're seeing is children expressing, or experimenting, with their gender," she replied.

Morgan then claimed to "completely support the ethos of genuine transgenderism," whatever that is, and was shot down by Bergdorf.

"But you don't, Piers, because you bring gender neutral people, and non-binary people on your show constantly and berate them."

"I challenge them about gender fluidity, that's where I have an issue," he said.

"That's still under the trans bracket," Bergdorf informed.

"Well, maybe," he replied.

"No, not maybe, absolutely."

"Gender-fluidity, to me, is, I think it's a farce, personally," he continued.

"That's your bigoted opinion," she shot back.

"I don't think it's bigoted," he claimed. "People who decide one day they're male, the next day they're female, next day, back to male, I think it's ridiculous."

"That's because you're a cis, straight man," Bergdorf told him.

"Maybe, or maybe I'm right and it's ridiculous," he insisted.

"Maybe you're not, have you thought about that?" she asked.

Bergdorf then pushed back again on why he cared, and what he would do if he had a gender non-conforming child.

"I would not encourage it," he said.

"But would you support them?" she pressed.

"No," he admitted, before saying he would support his child, however, if they "carried on over years saying to me, 'I was born in the wrong sex.'"

"You're very offensive when it comes to a number of issues," Bergdorf charged later in the conversation, to which Morgan claimed he was not, but simply "to the point."

"The whole nation knows that you're offensive, with a lot of topics, especially with trans people and women," she countered, to which he asked her not to get personal.

"I'm getting personal, because it is personal for me," she answered.

The hosts later defended themselves by pointing out how often they talk about transgender issues, to which Bergdorf, who had just been belittled and spoken over repeatedly, rightly noted that it's not just about coverage but the type of coverage that matters.

Watch the segment in full below.

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