Queer Sh*t to Watch This Week

"Making Montgomery Clift," a trans bodybuilding competition, and "High School Musical" gets meta.

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Making Montgomery Clift

Decades before Hollywood was hospitable to openly gay actors, Oscar-nominated actor Montgomery Clift—who starred in the 1959 Liz Taylor film about an evil queen, Suddenly, Last Summer—smothered his homosexuality in drugs and alcohol, and died in 1966 at just 45. In this doc, his nephew Robert Clift and co-director Hillary Demmon delve into his career, his bucking of the studio system, and his personal life through archival material and interviews, including phone call recordings from “Uncle Monty” himself. Numerous filmmakers have tried to put out Clift biopics, including Frankie director Ira Sachs. Here’s hoping this film finally makes that happen. (Available now on DVD, 1091 Media)

Papi Chulo

Matt Bomer plays Sean, an egocentric L.A. weatherman who after losing his boyfriend has an on-air meltdown. Taking some time off, he hires a straight, undocumented Latino worker, Ernesto (Alejandro Patiño), to help remodel his home. Bromance ensues. (Available now on DVD, Breaking Glass Pictures)


The main reason to check out this roadtrip-y riff on John Hughes’The Breakfast Club? Transgender actor Tyler DiChiara. A handsome, charismatic CW star in the making, DiChiara plays snarky yet tormented teenager Kai, who leads a handful of fellow outcasts from a private treatment facility—including an opioids addict jock (Mateus Ward), a social media influencer (Hana Hayes), and a girl who believes she was abducted by aliens (Chelsea Zhang)—on a quest to find a massive rave party. Through the life-changing encounters and epiphanies along the way, writer-director Justin Ward tackles sensitive topics like gender dysphoria, deadnaming, transphobia, and sexual assault. Meanwhile, Kai gets some literal kick-ass moments. (Available now on VOD, Ohana Films)

Man Made

Téa Leoni, currently heading up the sixth and final season of CBS’s Madam Secretary, signed on as executive producer of director T Cooper’s documentary about a handful of transgender men preparing for TransFitCon, the world’s only bodybuilding competition for transgender individuals. A trans male himself, Cooper captured compelling personal dramas as they unfolded, including that of 26-year-old rapper Dominic, an orphan who undergoes top surgery and meets his mother and extended family for the first time; 34-year-old Kennie, whose physical transition may signal the end of his relationship with his lesbian-identified girlfriend D.J.; and 23-year-old Rese, who faced a period of homelessness and trans-specific challenges while seeking shelter and services. (Available November 7 on DVD, Journeyman Pictures)

TV and Streaming

Interested In

Set in Philadelphia, writer Michael Witkes’ five-episode comedic gay web series revolves around the sexual fumblings of Parker (Witkes), a recently out college sophomore. Witkes already launched a crowdfunding campaign for Season 2, which will feature an appearance by Queer as Folk royalty Randy Harrison. (Streaming now on YouTube and Dekkoo)

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

This new meta mockumentary series follows students at the real-life East High, where 2006’s High School Musical movie was shot, as they stage their own version of the iconic production. Gay Latin American actor Frankie Rodriguez plays gay student Carlos, and a female student, Nini (Olivia Rodrigo), has lesbian moms. While the 10-episode series debuts on ABC this Friday, episodes will stream weekly on the new Disney+ platform starting November 12. (Premieres November 8 on ABC)

Let It Snow

Gay, nonbinary actor Liv Hewson (Santa Clarita Diet) plays a lesbian waitress with a major crush on a closeted hottie (bisexual YouTuber Anna Akana) in this rom-com adaptation of the hit YA novel by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle, which intertwines three tales of teenagers on a snowy Christmas Eve. Tread carefully, Delta: There’s a prolonged, steamy lesbian kiss you better not tamper with, or we will come for you! (Streaming November 8 on Netflix)

Main image: Man Made.

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