"Hit The Floor" Recap: Aftershock

Does Zero regret his PDA?

Previously on Hit The Floor, this happened between basketball star Zero and sports agent Jude.

Now that the initial shockwave of Zero's public display of affection has subsided, what happens next?

We pick up with Zero and Jude mobbed by paparazzi trying to leave the stadium, but team owner Lionel manages to ask Jude "So this is who you've been in a twist over the entire time? Daddy issues much?"

Meanwhile, Zero's former flame Jelena gets the best line of the night when boyfriend Terrence snarks about Zero swinging both ways, and she responds "I don't care what Zero swings or where he swings it."

Obviously, coming out in such a high profile way is better then Viagra, because the next time we see Jude and Zero they're experiencing morning afterglow, with Jude delivering a statement that can best be described as "wishful thinking."

"I can't believe you did that. Kissing me in front of millions of people. Now that everyone knows about us we can do whatever we want."

Not having been born yesterday, Zero points to his phone, which is filled with hundreds of interview requests, and mentions that Sportscenter has had their kiss on a loop for the last 24 hrs. He tells Jude "Every move I've ever made has been planned out in advance. Kissing you was not." But the world and its distractions can wait, cause it's time to bone again!

Zero's next public appearance is at a celebrity pickup game, where things go well until he walks over to talk to Jude, and reporter vultures descend, inundating him with such questions as "What's it like being the first out starter in history?" and "When did you decide to hook up with the boss's son? Is he your boyfriend?" and "Is your hair on purpose?"

Okay, that last one was mine.

The last straw is when he's asked "Are you making a statement?" and Zero replies in the most Zero way possible.

Things go downhill from there. The guys get a massage together, but a tense Zero finally realizes the enormity of what he's done and tells Jude "I told my publicist I'd do any interview as long as we only talked ball. You know how many requests i got? Zero."

Jude tells him it's to be expected. "You're a starter with two rings, and you kiss a guy in front of everyone." Jude's common sense is interrupted by one of the massage therapists, who picks the most inopportune time to try to get a picture of the two guys on the massage tables. Once again, Zero replies in the most Zero way possible.

Zero storms out, but not before saying those three little words we knew he'd say eventually, "I regret this!"

Luckily, some time alone in a hot tub calms him down, and he's able to see things more clearly, and he and Jude have a heart-to-heart about where to go from here.

Jude: "I know you're pissed, and I don't blame you. You did this amazing thing for me, and I never thought about how it would affect you too. I get why you would regret being with me."

Zero:: "I don't regret being with you, I regret letting everyone else in on it. I liked it when it was just us. I don't like losing that."

Jude: "You haven't. Everything we're going through is only going to make more of us, not less. We're still in this together. It's still just you and me."

Zero replies in the most Zero way possible, by telling Jude "For two people who are in it together, I sure am alone in this tub." Jude strips and joins him, and shrewdly reminds him that since this whole thing blew up, all of the press attention is on Zero, and not star basketball player Derek.

Zero smiles, and decides he may as well as use this attention to his advantage, by goading the press as much as possible. He pulls out his camera and announces "This one is for the Instagram."

I expected that Zero would have a panic attack about what happened, but it was thankfully only a medium-sized temper tantrum. Hopefully he'll realize that this is uncharted territory for a basketball star, and he can ride his new stardom for all it's worth.

Hit The Floor airs Monday at 10 PM ET on VH1.

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