The Man Who Beat Alabama's Roy Moore Is Proud Of His Gay Son

Meet Carson Jones.

Doug Jones made headlines this week when he narrowly beat conservative Republican Roy Moore in a special election for a Senate seat in Alabama. Doug Jones was in the news, but it was his gay son, Carson Jones, who got the attention of LGBT news sites.

Carson, who is a zookeeper in Denver, was quick to be called a "thirst trap" as various sites posted cute pics from his Instagram, but in a new interview with Grindr's Into, Carson admits that he didn't even know what a thirst trap was.

The politician's son confirmed to The Advocate that he is gay, and while talking to Into he recalled how he came out in a blog post he sent to his parents two years ago.

“Don’t wait,” Carson told his mother after he posted it online. “Read it now.”

They responded with a simple “I love you." Carson added that his parents have “always been really supportive.”

He wasn't ready to come out in high school, but since moving to Denver after college he said that he has found a home in the LGBT community.

“Before then, I had never felt that I needed a community around me,” he said. “I had friends, I was great, and I was happy. But I moved to Denver and met more gay people and have more gay friends. I yearn for that community now.”

And how does Carson feel about his father's win on Tuesday night?

"I am obviously thrilled with my dad’s victory," said Carson. "We have been overwhelmed by the support of so many people that made this happen. Alabama made a really big statement that unity wins out. I couldn’t be prouder of him or my home state!"

Carson revealed that he sees his father's win as a glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak year.

“It’s little moments like that which tell me that things are getting better. That’s what I have to believe. And after the results on Tuesday, I don’t just believe it—I know it.”

Below, check out more pics of Carson from Instagram.

h/t: Boy Culture

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