Angry Dad's Rant About Marriage Equality Is Going Viral—For All The Right Reasons

Warning: There's a LOT of f-bombs.

An Australian man's diatribe about the current marriage debate has gone viral.

Same-sex marriage has sparked a great deal of contention in Australia, where the government is putting the issue to a non-binding public vote next month. Melbourne's Mark Orval, a former Australian Rules Football player who's earned the nickname "Angry Dad" for his numerous diatribes, went off on the whole thing in a video that's been watched more than three million times.

While you may think a middle-aged retired athlete would be ranting against LGBT rights, he's actually just pissed the government is spending a fortune on something that should be a given.

“Don’t fucking start me on that shit,” Orval bellows. “They’re spending $122 fucking million on that—to have us fucking vote as to whether they should allow gay marriage. Whose business is it of the fucking politicians to say who we can fucking marry and can’t marry?"

Pointing out that money (about $97 million U.S.) could go to "sick kids with cancer," Orval suggests that if the politicians care so much about the ballot, they should take it out of their pensions.

"They won’t do it, ’cause they hide behind parliamentary privilege and all that shit.”

If you ignore the frequent f-bombs, Orval makes a lick more sense that a lot of people we've heard on the issue. "Even then if the public come back and say mind your own business,' as we should, they don’t have to pass it," he explains. "People might say ‘yes, approve it’ [but]... they can just park it and say: ‘Now we know how you fucking think, but we’re not going to actually listen to you,’ like they do with every other fucking policy.”

Exasperated, he asks no one in particular, "What’s the fucking point? Why don’t they deal with real issues?”

Orval's sons, Dylan and Mitchell, are usually the ones to wind him up into a rant. But they're just as supportive of equal marriage as their pa.