Nyle DiMarco Plays Alex Newell's Ex-Boyfriend In New Video For "B.O.Y"

And it looks like the "ANTM" winner was a very bad boy.

Nyle DiMarco took some time off from learning choreography for his current gig as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars in order to appear in the brand new Alex Newell video, "B.O.Y. (Basically Over You)."

Alex, who is probably best known for his time on Glee, is turning out some of the best dance tracks of 2016, and "B.O.Y." is no exception.

In the video for the new single, Newell is getting revenge on his ex, played by the hunky DiMarco, fresh off his recent America’s Next Top Model win.

It sadly features a little more clothing than we're used to seeing on DiMarco, but the song is so infectious that we certainly can't complain.

Check out the full video for "B.O.Y. (Basically Over You)" below.

h/t: Towleroad