Guys Perform Testicular Cancer Self-Exams On Camera

Getting handsy for a cause.

November, typically referred to as Movember amongst the bro subculture, is a time of year when many guys engage in "No Shave November," where they refrain from shaving in an effort to raise awareness to men's health issues including testicular and prostate cancer.

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Birchbox, one of The Movember Foundation's official partners, decided to take things one step farther by asking 7 young guys to "take their health into their own hands....literally."

The 7 guys, cheekily positioned next to a bowl of bananas and grapes, were asked to disrobe from the waist down (behind a partition, mind you) and administer on camera, self-exams.

In the end, balls aren't all that complicated," says DETAILS Magazine editor Jon Roth, one of the participants in the self-exams, "and once you're through, there's a lot of peace of mind."