Peppermint Opens Up About Men Who Love Trans Women

"Please don’t have any shame," says the "Drag Race" fave. "Explore it."

Who wouldn't love Peppermint?

The RuPaul's Drag Race season 9 runner-up is opening her heart in the latest YouTube video from her "My Transition" series. "We all need love, we all want love," she says. "Companionship is a really, really important thing, whether we admit it or not."

Peppermint explains that, as a heterosexual trans woman, she usually dates men who identify as heterosexual. While acknowledging that those who are attracted to trans people are often perceived as queer, she prefers not to "focus too much on labels."

Referencing tabloid sex scandals involving celebrities like Hugh Grant and Eddie Murphy, Peppermint also calls out the shade and shame that's thrown at men who are attracted to trans women. "There’s a lot of people who would normally be there to partner with us, to support us, to love us publicly, to be in our lives in more ways than one, who aren’t because they’re afraid of being judged, chastised, rejected in their own lives," she says.

"If you’re a trans-attracted person, please don’t have any shame. Explore it. And just know that the love that you give to someone else, anyone else, is going to be sent back to you in return."

Watch the new video below.

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