Harlem Hate Pastor James Manning's Church Is Being Repo'd!

How's that for karma?

It's a beautiful day in Harlem today as the neighborhood learns that infamous hate Pastor James Manning will soon be moving out.

Manning's Atlah Worldwide Church, which receives more than $186,000 in tax exemption benefits from New York City, will be sold at a public foreclosure auction on February 24, DNA Info reports. A state judge ordered the church be sold in December after Manning failed to pay creditors more than $1.02 million since 2009.

The news is no doubt a relief for disgusted neighbors, who've been confronting Pastor Manning for years over the wildly homophobic messages he posts to the church marquee out front.

Manning routinely draws International attention over the disgusting messages, which have included phrases like "Jesus would stone homos," as well as insinuations that "sodomites" had infiltrated the neighborhood and that Starbucks pushes the 'gay agenda' by using semen in lattes.

Manning called the injunction a "land grab" in a statement to the website, and claimed the total due is for unpaid water and sewage bills. He plans to fight the order even though an auction has already been scheduled.

DNA Info reports:

Manning said he found out about the public auction last week and was previously unaware that there was a legal case against his church despite the fact that the case began in September 2009 and his lawyer filed an answer to the complaint a month later.

What Manning didn’t say is that there are nine federal tax liens against him totaling more than $355,000 from as far back as 2002. He also owes New York State for more than $28,000 and other creditors more than $30,000, public records show.

So, uh —