Justin Trudeau Is A Yoga Rockstar And We Can't STAND The Hotness!

Ohm my!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is just determined to makes us fall in love with him.

Forget about his support for the LGBT community, his inclusive cabinet and his beautiful bromance with President Obama—this 44-year-old politician is a yoga fox, as recently surfaced social media pics are proving.

In a photo posted on Facebook by yoga teacher David Gellineau, Trudeau is seen balancing on a table using only his wrists for support. (That's peacock pose, or mayurasana, in yoga-speak). Trust us, it's not a beginner's move.

Trudeau may have been honoring his late father, former PM Pierre Trudeau, who was photographed in the same pose decades ago.

The 6'2" hunk of Canadian bacon is known for his athleticism—he was actually a pro boxer at one point—but it appears he's kept his yoga practice going for some time. Last year, he and wife Sophie did tree pose at an event.

He's also partial to bhangra music—a video of him dancing went viral in India.

Oh Justin, we would downward dog you so hard.

h/t: Mashable