Shangela Does It All For The C In Hilarious Freestyle Ode To Chicken

"I ride the bus for the chicken. Rosa Parks don't make me cuss for the chicken."

Shangela loves chicken. A lot. And that love inspired the Drag Race star to sing about her favorite food in a hilarious video posted to Twitter on Tuesday.

"Now a lot of you all on the Internet out there, talkin' about what you're gonna do for the D," she says at the start of the clip. "But I don't do nothin' for no D. I do it for the C. That's the chicken."

And so, with two backup dancers behind her for support, Shangela explains just what she'd do for a trip to Popeye's.

"Paint my mug for the chicken," she begins. "Jack Daniels chug-a-lug for the chicken."

Shangela name drops all kinds of famous personalities in the freestyle, including Taylor Swift, Donatella Versace, RuPaul, Rosa Parks and high-heel choreographer Yanis Marshall.

Ms. Wadley was doing a parody of #thatdickchallenge, which has people rapping on social media about what they would do for the D. But after hearing her twist on the challenge, we suddenly have an insatiable craving for chicken.

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