Bill Repealing North Carolina's HB2 Officially Filed In State Legislature

House Bill 946 would repeal the anti-LGBT law and provide funding for a state Human Rights Commission.

A bill aiming to repeal North Carolina's anti-LGBT law has been filed by Democratic lawmakers in the state today.

Authored by Reps. Darren Jackson (D-Wake), Graig Meyer (D-Orange), Susi Hamilton (D-New Hanover) and Grier Martin (D-Wake), House Bill 946 would repeal HB 2, which bans all local LGBT rights ordinances in the state and bars trans people from using the bathroom that fits their gender identity.

"House Bill 2 goes against everything I know about my fellow North Carolinians," said Martin.

Jackson added that there were Republicans who would back the measure if they were allowed to by party leadership. "I believe we would have more than Democratic support if it was ever given a vote in committee or on the floor," he told WRAL.

If passed, House Bill 946 would retroactively become effective March 23, the day HB2 was signed into law by Governor McCrory. It would reinstate a Charlotte city ordinance allowing transgender people to use the appropriate bathroom and provide funding for the state Human Relations Commission.

While state Republicans say they'd fight an attempt at a repeal, there has been increased pressure from corporations, celebrities and advocacy groups that HB2 is damaging the state. "This is not a bathroom bill, but there is a lot of stuff in here that ought to be thrown in the outhouse," said Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP.


HB2 could also be knocked out via the judicial system, as a suit by the ACLU has been filed against it on behalf of several transgender Carolinians. Political insiders believe McCrory is counting on the law to be excised via the courts, so the pressure will come off without him having to do a turnabout.

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