Oregon Trans Woman Punched, Misgendered, in Apparent Hate Crime

Keara Mosby had moved to Portland to escape transphobia.

An Oregon man was arrested earlier this week after allegedly assaulting a transgender woman in what appears to be a hate crime.

According to Portland police, Timothy Emmett Walsh, 38, punched Keara Mosby, 25, several times in the face, KPTV reports.

Mosby says she was walking with friends when Walsh rode by on a bicycle and began making disparaging comments about her sexuality and gender identity. "It was like he was smiling while he was doing it, while he was shouting hateful words," she says.

"As I turned around he just punched me right in the face, got off his bike and continued to hit me," she continues. "He was saying like 'oh, that’s just a man in women clothes.'"

Mosby took photos of the suspect as he rode away on his bike, and police later identified and arrested him without incident. Walsh, who was booked on charges of assault in the fourth degree and intimidation in the second degree, is also being held on a parole violation.

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Mosby says she moved to Portland from Montana, where she had been fired from her job and evicted from her apartment after coming out as transgender.

"People like to assume that since marriage equality is legal now that we're in this rainbow liberated state and we’re not," she says. "There's still people being attacked, there's still people being murdered.”

Earlier this month a man in Portland was caught on camera harassing a married lesbian couple. A trans woman in Portland, Gigi Pierce, was fatally shot in May.

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