Lenny Kravitz's Penis Piercer Proud Of Job Well Done

And she's seen quite a spike in business since the world saw 'Little Lenny.'

It's always nice to be acknowledged for a job well done.

And after Lenny Kravitz's penis broke free from his leather pants at a concert in Sweden last week, the woman responsible for the penis piercing seen around the globe is having a proud moment.

"The piercing still looks happy, healthy and very sturdy," Elayne Angel told Mashable"I was proud to see it still alive and kicking."

Angel, who also pierced both of Kravitz's nipples in the nineties, says she is now booked through the entire year. Apparently a lot of people have been coming in asking for the 'Lenny piercing.'

And for those interested, what kind of piercing is it exactly?

"What Lenny has is a pubic piercing," clarified Angel. "It's where the penis hits the torso at the natural juncture where it joins the body."

Angel says that unlike other penis piercings that go through the appendage and add a spike of sensation for the man, Kravitz's is only used to stimulate others.

"It hits the woman in the clitoris during intercourse," she said. "He's definitely a giver."

Lucky ladies.

h/t: Mashable 

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