Photographer Chris Craymer Takes A Chance On Gay Love With "American Romance"

The British lensman says he wants his new monograph "to verify that romance is alive and well in America."

Though born in London, photographer Chris Craymer is exploring the American spirit with his latest monograph.

American Romance spotlights a wide range of couples, including ethnically diverse, multigenerational, international, and LGBT relationships.

“I like to explore the intimacy and connection between couples and seek to portray their love and attraction to one other,” says Craymer, whose work has appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper's Bazaar.

Among the pairs featured in the new book are THEM's chief content officer, Phillip Picardi, and his boyfriend, physician Darien Darien Sutton.

American Romance/Chris Craymer

In an accompanying video, the pair discuss the realities of being a biracial gay couple in 2018.

“Dating someone of a different race, especially when you are the white partner in the relationship, you’re being confronted with aspects of your privilege [and] things you valued that you took for granted,” says Picardi.

Despite the tense era we inhabit, Craymer believes love is prevailing. The goal for American Romance, he says, is "to verify that romance is alive and well in America as we head towards the end of this second decade of the 21st century."

He views his work as a combination of portraiture and storytelling, adding that "the romance and love expressed between two people is the perfect vehicle to make pictures which can covey a number of emotions."

GLAAD hosted a launch party for Craymer at New York's Hudson Studios on May 9, with a portion of book proceeds benefiting the organization.

American Romance is out now on Damiani.

American Romance/Chris Craymer