"Teen Wolf" Is The Gayest Show On TV. Here's The Video That Proves It: WATCH

Not only is MTV's Teen Wolf one of the hottest television shows around, it's the gayest: Aside from Keahu Kahuanui's openly queer Danny, all the other men on the show have some serious homoerotic (if not outright homosexual) vibes going on. Remember the time Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) demanded that Danny find him attractive? And who could forget Jackson's (Colton Haynes) homemade movie consisting of him shirtless in bed?

Of course we were all totally in love with the actual gay hook-up between Danny and Ethan on last week's episode. (And showrunner Jeff Davis has teased Stiles might wind up being bisexual.)

There are too many wonderfully gay Teen Wolf moments to mention in words, which is why we compiled this superpost of them all. Watch above and get excited for an all new Teen Wolf tonight at 10pm.

Who knows,  maybe Derek will learn how to not be socially awkward and finally make a move on Scott. We can dream, can't we?

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