Yvie Oddly Knows She Is the Trade of "Drag Race All Stars" Season 7

"I'm glad they went for the dick [jokes]. Go below the belt."

Yvie Oddly might be the "Queen of the Queerdos," but she also knows she is the trade of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 7.

Even though Yvie only won her season three years ago, from the moment she walked back into the workroom for All Stars you could tell the Denver-based performer had stepped up their drag with even fiercer looks and kooky self-confidence.

Yvie spoke with Logo about returning for All Stars, the inspiration for her "All Glowed Up" runway, roasting Jinkx Monsoon, and if Monét really hooked up with someone in the cast.

Before we start talking about the latest episode, I'm just curious, how were you feeling when you first walked into the workroom on All Stars? Were you nervous? Excited?

I mean, there was definitely a little bit of nerves there, but not anywhere like there was my first time through, and not for the same reasons. Going back this time, if anything, I was nervous because I was excited to get to see who I was going to compete with. There are only legendary legends and it was like the first day of school. Who's going to be my friend? Who's going to share their lunch with me?

For the roast episode, who was the easiest to roast, and who was the hardest? 

Oh my God, Jinkx Monsoon was so easy to write about for me, because she's just a wild character. Either her or Monét because Monét will just let anything roll off her shoulders. I think the hardest person for me was probably Jaida Essence Hall because she's literally damn near perfect as a human. And then as a drag queen, she's even better. She's beautiful. She's funny. She's talented. It's like, what am I supposed to make fun of?

And then speaking of Jinkx, did you know that Jinkx was going to make all those dick jokes?

Yeah. I knew all the girls were going to. Honestly, the girls were very transparent with me about the fact that the only jokes that they had prepared for me would've fit Season 11 me a lot better. I looked like a naked mole rat and I wasn't pretty and I wasn't good at makeup so I'm glad they went for the dick [jokes]. Go below the belt.

I loved seeing the return of Wintergreen and it seemed like you were excited too. What was that like on set when Wintergreen came out?

Oh, so good. Honestly, Sarge is just a light on set, and whenever she gets a chance to release the Wintergreen, it's unhinged.

I also love how you got more time with Wintergreen on Untucked, too.

Me too. And it made me feel so good for her too. Take a break from lifting those heavy cameras. Come have a kiki with your girls.

I loved your "All Glowed Up" runway look. I know you said that there was fungi inspiration. I also thought it was giving Avatar. How did you come up with the idea for your look on this runway?

Honestly, I was really stuck when we got this because my mind kept wanting to go back to jellyfish since I've done a jellyfish runway before. And so I was just really hardcore trying to fight that and looking for inspiration that would move me in the same way. And so I was eating mushrooms one day and then I was like, "Oh, mushrooms." And just like that...

But then how did you pack all your looks for this season? You have this and then the knitwear runway... How was it packing all the glowing fungi?

Hell. It was the hardest level of Tetris I've ever played in my life, and you learn to make sacrifices. Because I packed so many fierce ass, giant runways, I didn't pack any of my braid wigs that I really love.

And another one of my favorite looks from you this season was your veil look. You said that was inspired by your grandmother?

Yeah. She was my main source of inspiration. She was born and raised in New Mexico and so growing up around her house, there were always all of these portraits and tapestries and landscapes. And there's just so much colorful, beautiful, New Mexican culture that I was already working on a dress to kind of pay homage to that. So when I got the prompt for the veiled runway, I just took it and went even harder. It's just colorful and warm. I wanted to pay it back, especially because my grandparents were always supportive of me and my art, no matter how gay and weird it got.

On Untucked, Monét brings up that she hooked up with someone in the cast. Can you reveal who that was? Do you know? Or was Monét just telling lies?

Monét is so full of shit. I cannot believe that I even went along and let myself believe her. She's just trying to stir shit to stir it up.


Yeah. She has not hooked up with any of these hoes. I've seen Monét's types and none of us fit the bill.

At Roscoe's, you called yourself the trade of the season. Do you still stand by that?

Oh yeah, 100%. And the fact that we got through a whole roast challenge and the only thing people had to read me about was my dick tells me exactly how they see me.

As the season's winding down, I could imagine it was pretty emotional when filming was over, almost like saying goodbye to your friends you made at summer camp. Without giving anything away, what was it like as filming was ending? 

I mean, it definitely was emotional. I think it was bittersweet for all of us because we all had made it to the end of our own respective experiences and know how strong you have to be, and how difficult it is to keep your mentality going after filming for weeks and weeks. We were each other's biggest support systems and there were definitely some tears.

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