Vloggers Discuss What It's Like To Be An Asian Man On Grindr

"Not Into Asians."

It's sadly no secret that racism is rampant on gay hookup apps like Grindr.

Things like "No Asians, no fats, no femmes" are often seen plastered on the profiles of clueless guys who don't understand the problem with their words.

YouTuber Collin Factor has made a video with his friend Marvin called "Not Into Asians" to address the issue, and discuss what it is like to be gay and Asian in 2016.

"One of my friends who I was talking to at the time [that I was coming out] was just like, 'Don't download Grindr, it's gonna ruin your life,'" shares Marvin in the video. "And to be honest, it kind of did ruin my life cause I felt really insecure."

Check out the video below to hear what else the guys have to say on the sensitive subject.

h/t: Towleroad