Portland Anticipates Violence as Proud Boys and Antifa Plan Opposing Rallies

The groups last held competing rallies earlier this summer, resulting in violent clashes.

Portland, Oregon is bracing for the likelihood of more violent clashes between the Proud Boys and antifa, as they prepare to hold rallies in the city on the same day, on August 17.

It will be the first time the two groups, which stand on opposite sides of the political spectrum, will meet in Portland since June 29, when the two sides clashed violently. The Proud Boys and another right-wing group held demonstrations on that day, with members of the left-leaning antifa countering.

Karen Ducey/Getty Images

PORTLAND, OR - AUGUST 04: A man intervenes during an argument between protesters during a rally for gun rights' laws and free speech at Tom McCall Waterfront Park on August 4, 2018 in Portland, Oregon. The rally was organized by the group Patriot Prayer, also attended by the affiliated group Proud Boys, which drew counter protesters and members of the anti-fascist group Antifa. (Photo by Karen Ducey/Getty Images)

A number of people were left injured, including journalist Andy Ngo, who was attacked by members of antifa. The event also comes as two members of the Proud Boys are on trial for assault, resulting from a brawl between the two opposing groups in New York City last year.

"The Portland Police leadership team is already in the planning process for this event, which includes working with a number of partner agencies to gather the appropriate resources needed," said Chief Danielle Outlaw, KATU 2 reports.

"There is concern about the criminal intentions being expressed in the publically available forums which suggest some attendees plan to engage in violence. We are taking this into account and developing an appropriate plan with adequate resources to prepare for this eventuality."

Marlena Sloss/The Washington Post via Getty Images

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 6: A member of Antifa grabs at a man wearing a Trump shirt and MAGA hat after the man filmed them and asked what they are doing outside Freedom Plaza during a Proud Boys rally and an All Out D.C. rally on July 6, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Marlena Sloss/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

The Proud Boys are set to meet at the city's waterfront for a rally they claim is a call to "End Domestic Terrorism." A counter demonstration has been organized by PopMob, which is short for Popular Mobilization, featuring costumes and musical instruments.

PopMob spokesperson Effie Baum told the Daily Beast the intent was to "completely counter" the "tough, macho" image members of the Proud Boys demonstrate and make it "impossible to get a single shot portraying that kind of toxic masculinity, because it’s going to be people in crazy banana costumes."

Proud Boy leader and former Infowars reporter Joe Briggs has posted a video of himself brandishing a spiked "Make America Great Again" bat and saying, "We're going to put this to good use."

A number of other right-wing groups are expected to join the Proud Boys on August 17, including members of the III%er militia gang, who protected Republican senators in Oregon who had fled the capitol earlier this summer in an attempt to block climate change legislation.

"We’re pretty concerned," Lindsay Schubiner, a program director at the Western States Center, told the Daily Beast.

"Far-right paramilitaries like the Proud Boys have continued to escalate their violent assaults and confrontations in Portland, and the event that’s planned for August 17 seem to be very much in line with similar political violence that they’ve brought to the city before."

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