There's Something Different About Colton Haynes' Nipple

We'll never look at his body the same way again. (We will keep looking at his body, though.)

Colton Haynes has never been shy about showing off his body: His time on Teen Wolf seemed to be one long excuse to get him topless in the Beacon Hills' locker room, and his Instagram is like a visual ode to his pecs.

Like this super-lean look from back in June.

And when he took perhaps the only good photograph from this angle in human history, he showed off his perfect nipples without making us look up his nostrils. It was lovely.

Even from a distance, those perfect nipples sparkle like the droplets of the waterfall

When Colton had Angelo Evans come over for a poolside haircut in October, his nipples were on point.

One of the things that probably makes Haynes so sought after as a model is that he doesn't sport a bunch of tattoos. His skin is unmarked—and flawless. He doesn't even appear to have pores.

Which is what makes this picture from the weekend so very shocking.

His nipple is pierced! When did this happen? Why did it happen? What possessed him to mar his flawless twunk body, much less his perfect nipples, with a piece of metal? Did he get anything else pierced—perhaps something we can't see?

Most importantly, do you think he's hotter with or without the barbell?

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