Nick Jonas To Be Very Naked, Possibly Gay In New Show, "Kingdom"

Nick Jonas just can't keep his clothes on. And thank Gaga for that. The 21-year-old singer-actor-stunt queen has been on a tear lately, tearing off his clothes in the vicinity of any gay man. Nick managed to keep his clothes on around Andy Cohen, however, when he visited Watch What Happens Live! But that was a rare moment of composure, as he revealed that he just did "a lot of nudity' for his new  show, Kingdom.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 10-episode DirecTV series centers on a gym for Mixed Martial Arts competitors in Venice Beach, where there's "just as much drama outside of the ring as there is in it." Some of that drama will include Nick, who's character has several sex scenes and — to Andy's delight — a "big storyline" around his sexuality. 

Below, check out a preview for Kingdom, coming to DirecTV, October 8:

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