It's Not a Competition, but Leslie Jordan Is Winning Quarantine

He’s bored shitless like the rest of us—but at least he’s got jokes!

An unexpected beacon of light in these dark, scary, virus-sweeping-the-globe times? Actor, playwright, and gay icon Leslie Jordan, whose recent straight-to-camera videos on social media have us physically incapable of not laughing.

Like most of us, the 64-year-old Hollywood and Broadway vet—best known for his roles as Beverley Leslie in Will & Grace and Lonnie Garr in Hearts Afire—has elected to self-quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. But being isolated doesn't mean being alone. Jordan has been uploading short videos to his Instagram page almost daily, documenting what he's been up to.

Take, for instance, this gem, which sees Jordan "making enough chicken salad for an army—of one!—because I'm in lockdown." Come for the wholesomeness; stay for a story-time moment about how once upon a time, he was "the dancing queen" on drugs at a nightclub in NYC.

Or this hilarious video of Jordan reacting to guidelines from the New York City Department of Health advising New Yorkers that "you are your safest sex partner." See, masturbation is normal!

Then there's this #relatable moment of him being "bored shitless"—which, mood.

Have we convinced you yet?

Head over to Jordan's Instagram for more incredible quarantine content (quaran-tent?).

And remember, if you won't accept guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, then at least follow Jordan's lead and minimize physical contact with others.

Main image: Leslie Jordan in The Cool Kids on FOX.

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