Diesel Prides Itself As "First Fashion Brand" To Advertise On Grindr, Pornhub

Corporate America sees you ?

Italian fashion brand Diesel knows where you spend most of your time on the internet, and is committed to hunting you down there to show you their new ads.

That's why you'll start to see their new campaigns on apps like Grindr and Tinder, as well as NSFW websites like Pornhub and Youporn.

"For us, we're a sexy brand," artistic director Nicola Formichetti recently told i-D. "To support the launch of our underwear line, we're going to be the first brand to ever advertise on Grindr and we're the first fashion brand to be working with Pornhub too. The message is simple: before you jerk off look at this."

He added:

"Our worlds, online and offline, are completely merged and I always want to reflect the world we live in, that's how I approach Diesel. We're a global brand and we need to talk to so many people, so we need to have that clear message but it should never just be about selling products. From race to body shapes, I want to celebrate difference and uniqueness whilst reflecting what's happening in the world. I want to create a Diesel world in which everyone can be their true selves. Freedom is our flavour."

Along with using fresh muses like newcomer Trevor Signorino and DNCE's Joe Jonas, the new campaign will bring something else to the table: emojis.

"We created our own emoji, using the outfits from the campaign and we're planning on creating more and more throughout the season," Formichetti revealed.

"Why emoji? It's our new language…Most people struggle to relate to advertising copy but not this."

Check out shots from the new campaign (before they flood your Grindr!) below.

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