Finally, A Donald Trump Paper Doll With Lady Gaga's "Telephone" Look

This is gonna be yuuuge!

You've always wondered what Donald Trump would look like in a bathing suit, right? Or a pair of red briefs? Perhaps that ridiculous singlet onesie thong thing made famous by Borat, or Lady Gaga's iconic caution tape look from the "Telephone" video?

Yes? Your dreams are about to come true!

British artist and illustrator Mel Elliott's new unofficial Donald Trump paper doll, available now in a packet titled "Donald Where's Your Troosers?", has all those things and more!

An alternate Donald Trump clown head, clown and Rambo costumes, as well as "Telephone" and Napoleon Dynamite looks complete the package, which is available to download for free on Mel's Tumblr or right here!

"Print out, cut out and dress Donald Trump however you see fit," she told Splash News.

Just keep your fingers crossed for an add-on pack with other iconic diva looks in the future. May we suggest 2000 MTV VMAs Britney Spears and Farewell Tour Cher to get started?

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