Police Investigating Threatening Calls Made to Boston Gay Bars

A man threatened gun violence.

Police are investigating after threatening phone calls were made to two gay bars in Boston over the weekend.

The first call came in at 7:30pm on Friday night to dbar, and the second call was received the following night, at about the same time of night, by The Alley Bar.

According to the manager at The Alley Bar, the man on the other end threatened gun violence, prompting him to report the incident to police, the local CBS affiliate reports.

"We stand united. We don’t believe in intolerance. When we get a bigoted, intolerant phone call—we’re going to send that to the police department and hope they do their best to make sure they find this person," said dbar owner Brian Piccini.

"This person called from a landline in Peabody, MA and his number was shown on caller ID," a post on The Alley Bar's Facebook page reads.

"Out of an abundance of caution, the BPD were called and responded in minutes. Peabody, MA police assisted and it is understood a person was easily identified. We have no further information."

Police increased their patrolling at both locations over the weekend to help insure the safety of patrons.

New Now Next has reached out to the Boston and Peabody police departments, and this article will be updated if more information becomes available.

A local news report follows.

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