"My Ugly Grindr Hookup Stole My TV!"

"It wasnt a well thought out plan, I'll be the first to admit that."

Eric was just trying to have a little adult fun with a Grindr fling, but instead wound up with a stolen television.

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Eric, his friend, his roommate and his roommate's booty call were headed home after a night of partying. Feeling a little left out once home, Eric and his friend decided to get on Grindr in the hope of finding some catch of their own.

"After trolling through a few profiles we decided to invite a few boys over and see who would come. We started by only messaging guys that were solid 10’s. After not much success–and a few drinks in–we started lowering our standards a little and stared messaging drunk 9.5 out 10's (or in reality they were sober 7’s)."

A half hour later he showed up.

"The guy I saw looked vaguely familiar but not at all like the guy on Grindr we were expecting. It could have been him in that profile pic... before the weight gain... or maybe him in his better years."

After he and his friend exchanged awkward "crap, what do we do?" faces to one another, Eric and his friend ran into his bedroom telling the Grindr trick to wait on the couch.

Eric's friend then opened the door, asking the Grindr guy to leave before quickly slamming the door and returning to the bedroom to wait. "The lock yourself in your room method sounded like a good idea at the time, though I kind of had a false sense of security." he admits retrospectively.

After they emerged, the hook-up was gone, and along with him, Eric's television, which had been disassembled from its wall mount.

"It took me a second to figure out what was different. I walked right past where my TV once was and did a double take, I was like 'wait somethings different.'"

"Shockingly nothing else was missing. Including my work Mac which was on the sofa next to the TV, my wallet was still on the counter, and my iPad which was on the table by the entry door was still there. She really just wanted a new TV."

The greatest mystery of all: "I don’t know how he got it off the wall. I mean, was he just packing heat when he came over? Where did he get the screwdriver to take it off the wall?"

We might never know.

The lesson here is simple: Don't leave your evening's trade unattended.

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