James Franco Just Revealed A Big Secret About Keegan Allen's Package

What did he catch his co-star doing on the set of "King Cobra?"

Christian Slater interviewed his King Cobra co-star James Franco on the Today show this morning, where conversation naturally turned to a discussion about his co-star Keegan Allen's bulge.

Describing the thought of two gay men having sex as "uncomfortable," co-host Tamron Hall asked James to share an "uncomfortable" memory from the set of the adult film drama.

"In a lot of our scenes we're lifting weights, tanning, and we're in skimpy speedos," said James.

"My only problem was…Keegan stuffed his Speedos so big. Everyone who came on set was like, 'What? What?' He had the biggest bulge, and I know for a fact that he stopped it, because when you do a nude scene as a male, often times they'll give you a sock. I asked for a sock, and they were like 'no, Keegan took all of them.'"

You'll have to tune out the howling cacophony of the co-hosts who defend their fragile heterosexuality by interrupting, describing gay sex as "awkward," and praising a "very brave" James for playing gay and kissing another man on film.

Check out part of the interview below. King Cobra hits select theaters today, and is also available on demand.

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