Oprah's Newest Reality Star Is An Anti-LGBT Bigot

Pastor John Gray is a longtime opponent of marriage equality.

This past Saturday, Oprah unveiled her latest reality TV show The Book of John Gray. The docuseries follows the life of Houston pastor John Gray, who's both the leader of the largest congregation in the United States and a well-documented homophobe.

Gray, an associate teaching pastor at Lakewood Church, has spoken openly about his disdain for the LGBT community on Twitter, where he's sounded off on issues of marriage equality and same-sex sexual activity.

When President Obama first said same-sex marriage should be legal in 2012, Gray wrote: "The Christian President of United States believes something different from the God he serves. Anyone else a little concerned?"

A year later, he tweeted more broadly about homosexuality, saying it was "no different from... adultery, lying or any other sin."

When the 2014 Grammys featured a mass wedding of LGBT couples, Gray chimed in saying the ceremony "[dishonored] people of faith."

From the looks of one of the previews, it seems the program will focus mostly on Pastor Gray's personal life, but that Oprah would let someone onto her network with such a long history of bashing the queer community is still unsettling.