The Insults Cut Deeper in New Trailer for Remastered “Girls Will Be Girls”

The cult comedy has been restored and hits digital platforms on June 1.

Whether drag queens like it or not, high-definition is here to stay. While some film classics get stunning restorations, many LGBTQ movies from yesteryear are left to collect dust in the DVD bargain bin. Strand Releasing is out to fix that with a trio of remastered titles hitting digital platforms just in time for Pride Month: Dare (2005), Straight-Jacket (2004), and the 2003 cult comedy Girls Will Be Girls.

Strand Releasing

For any of the children out there who are unfamiliar with the politically incorrect raunch-fest, Girls Will Be Girls premiered in early aughts, years before RuPaul was asking queens to lip-sync for their lives and snatching Emmys for it. The comedy was written and directed by Richard Day and stars drag legends Coco Peru (Clinton Leupp) and Varla Jean (Jeffery Roberson), along with actor Jack Plotnick, who donned a skirt and wig to play Evie.

As Logo previously reported, Girls Will Be Girls tells the story of a naïve starlet (Varla Jean), a wistful spinster-doormat (Coco Peru), and a bitter, aging never-was (Evie Harris) all trying to make it in Hollywood. The movie went on to become a cult classic, winning awards at Outfest and the HBO Comedy Arts Festival. It even spawned a web series and a sequel that has yet to see the light of day.

While we wait for the long-rumored sequel, the next best thing is being able to see Girls Will Be Girls restored and in high-definition. The remastered movie will be available June 1 for purchase on various digital platforms. What better way to ring in Pride Month?

Reacquaint yourself with Coco, Varla Jean, and Evie by watching the exclusive premiere of the new trailer for the Girls Will Be Girls re-release below. We hope you have thick skin, though. These ladies can be mean — and their insults cut even deeper in HD.

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