Kit Harington Hits On Kyle Chandler At The Emmys, World Approves

Let's make it happen!

Kit Harington made a pass at Bloodline actor Kyle Chandler on stage at the Emmys last night, and the internet unanimously agreed that theirs is one relationship worth shipping.

The Game of Thrones star joined comedian Andy Samberg to co-present the award for Best Variety Talk Series, but not before delivering some one-liners they hoped would make it into next year's Emmy commercial.

"No, I won't kiss you, Kyle Chandler," Samberg declared, to which Harington replied coyly, "Yes, I will kiss you, Kyle Chandler."

The camera cut to Chandler, who was seated in the audience, flashing an intrigued look that had fans on Twitter hoping for a kiss on the spot:

Moments later, Harington got down on one knee to faux-propose to Samberg.

It's safe to say they've successfully made it into next year's Emmy's promo. We can only hope Chandler seals the deal at next year's show.

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