Logo30: Letter From the Editor

"None of us are free until we are all free."

2020 should remind us, amid a worldwide uprising against generations of racial injustice (on top of a global pandemic), that equality—in both the eyes of our peers and the rule of the law—is not simply given to those who exist on the fringes of society. It must be demanded, fought for, and protected; it can also be taken away at any moment. As we stand in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, this month underlines that while we highlight the joys and challenges of being LGBTQ in this world, we must remember that pride is not just a celebration. Pride is protest.

This is our third annual Logo30—my first as editorial director of Logo—and as we add these 30 brand new voices to the legacy, it’s never felt more vital to celebrate the pride that fills us when we are truly seen for who we are. But it’s equally important to showcase the ways in which, within all of our intersectionality, we work together to continue our pursuit of that equality. None of us are free until we are all free.

This year’s honorees add to the vivid spectrum of that long-standing march, from the entertainers and artists pushing our dynamic stories forward, to the activists and policymakers working to advance our human rights, to the rule-breakers creating new spaces, both digital and IRL, for us to truly thrive. Whether isolated or together, whether we fill the streets with joy or with anger, our very existence is worth celebrating, and our very existence is protest. And the entire Logo team is honored to highlight this small fraction of voices leading the way.

— Terron Moore, Editorial Director of Logo, NewNowNext, and MTV News

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