Dan Levy on His “Badass” Gay Billboard for “Schitt’s Creek”

Fans have been posting photos of themselves kissing under the ad.

A sign of the times indeed!

A new billboard promoting the sixth and final season of Schitt’s Creek features a passionate kiss celebrating the love affair between pansexual character David Rose (Dan Levy) and fiancé Patrick (Noah Reid).

"F*ck yes we did," Levy tweeted, reposting a photo of the billboard. “Shine bright, friends. Very grateful for PopTV and CBC and their support on this campaign that my teenage self would never have dreamed to be true."

As a co-creator and executive producer of the Emmy-nominated comedy, Levy was instrumental in getting that smooch used for the signage. He discussed his "badass" campaign this week on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

"It makes me rather emotional," Corden told Levy, noting that Schitt's Creek fans have been posting pics of themselves kissing under the billboard, which is located at 7677 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. "I think it's a beautiful thing."

"It was our last season and I thought I have an opportunity, I have a network that will support me," Levy explained. "It felt almost irresponsible not to do that, not to put something out into the world that we don't see every day, put something out into the world that is being banned in multiple countries. And to be really unapologetic about it."

"It has become a place where queer people and straight people have come to celebrate their love for each other, which is very emotional for me because you just try to put your best foot forward and tell stories that hopefully will effect some kind of change," continued Levy, who will be honored next month with the HRC Visibility Award. "But, yeah, it was a pretty badass move for us."

The out Canadian actor also found himself "mesmerized" when joining fellow guest Kumail Nanjiani to play a game of “Rad Bod or Dad Bod,” guessing whether guys had muscular physiques just by looking at their faces. "I have to preface this by saying I think dad bods are rad bods," he said. Call me, Dan!

Watch the Late Late Show clips below.

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