Iceman Goes To A Gay Bar In Latest Issue Of "X-Men"

Marvel's resident ice-machine gets a cutie's digits.

Bobby Drake, the X-Man known as Iceman, came out as gay last year. Now it looks like the young mutant is getting his first same-sex romance.

All-New X-Men #13, which hit stores and online today, sees Drake out on the town with his teammates Oya and Genesis. At first Oya tries to strike up a conversation with some guys at a bar, but when they indicate she's in the wrong place, she tries to play wing-woman for Iceman.

He's a disaster at first, accidentally icing up and running out of the bar in shame. That's when he bumps into Romeo (yes, that's the guy's real name) and a love connection is made.

Until duty calls and the X-teens have to fight a monster on the loose.

Things get even trickier when it turns out the monster—and Romeo—are both Inhumans, a once-secret race of humans experimented on millennia ago and gifted with strange and unique powers (not unlike mutants).

As io9 points out, writer Dennis Hopeless is setting up a Shakespearean romance with star-crossed lovers from two warring houses. (The mutants and the Inhumans will go head-to-head in a big crossover series this fall.)

The good news? Bobby gets Romeo’s telephone number.

Drake's coming out has been one of the more interesting ones in mainstream comic books: The character was first introduced in 1963, and while he had heterosexual relationships over the years he never seemed to put much effort into them.

Part of Iceman's backstory has been his ambivalence about being a superhero, and his desire to please his parents by becoming an accountant.

Complicating things even more is that this Iceman isn't the grown-up Iceman we've seen for 50-plus years: In a 2012 storyline, Brian Michael Bendis had the original X-Men time travel to the future (i.e. our present), where they encountered their grownup counterparts.

They've stayed around ever since, so now there are two Bobby Drakes in the Marvel Comics Universe. After an awkward conversation, the older Iceman revealed that, yes, he too is gay.

Make sense? Good, now explain it to us.

All-New X-Men #13 is out now.