Candace Cameron Bure Wore A "Not Today Satan" T-Shirt And Instagram CAME For Her

"Why do you have to be so nasty to me?"

We love it when the queens of Drag Race break into the pop culture zeitgeist, but sometimes the message gets a little lost. Case in point, Candace Cameron Bure posted an Instagram yesterday wearing one of Bianca Del Rio's "Not Today Satan" t-shirts.

It's one of our favorite RPDR catchphrases, but given how Bure is a conservative Christian Republican who defended that homophobic Oregon bakery, we're fairly certain she didn't get its ironic intent.

The image has received more than 118,000 likes, but there are plenty of comments calling out her ignorance and hypocrisy.

* "Contradiction at its finest"

* "You look like the Westboro Baptist Church's recruitment video went rogue and became a fake semblance of a human"

* "You look like you go to gay clubs and get really confused when no one hits on you and then get angry and form a system of belief around that"

* "You need to take that shirt off right about now. You don't get to use phrases coined by a drag queen, phrases that come from the LGBTQ community where you have been public about NOT supporting them. You don't get to steal from them when it's cute and trendy but oppose them in every other way. You probably need to apologize to @thebiancadelrio too. Site your sources honey, if you want to wear a drag-originated shirt then you better blast that shit and give credit where it is due and if you can't because of your own personal beliefs then you shouldn't wear the shirt."

and our favorite: "Satan loves you."

Del Rio regrammed the pic, with a caption reading "IF ONLY, THIS HOMOPHOBIC, REPUBLICAN KNEW......... ?❤?❤"

Bure responded to being called out, asking the Season 6 queen "Why do you have to be so nasty to me?"

Um, do you even know who Bianca Del Rio is?

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