Dozens Protest Outside NC Governor's Mansion After He Signs Anti-LGBT Bill

"Our communities are strong, our communities are resilient, and our communities want solutions."

After signing into law a bill that would prohibit protections for LGBT individuals, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory found his home surrounded by dozens of protesters.

Yesterday, in a series of whirlwind House and Senate sessions, North Carolina state legislature passed the anti-LGBT bill HB 2, which not only prevents trans individuals from using the restrooms that most align with their gender identities, but bans any and all protective LGBT ordinances from being passed by local governments.

This decision came on the heels of legislation passed in Charlotte earlier this month, which aimed to expand trans inclusion in bathrooms as well as anti-discrimination measures for LGBT employees, which Gov. McCrory dismissed as "government overreach."

In response to the bill, dozens of protesters gathered outside of the Governor's mansion last night. They held signs and joined in rallying cries of "SHUT IT DOWN!" and "I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!" They bravely screamed their stories into megaphones and denounced the rushed nature of the legislation's passing.

As the protests waged on into night, five arrests were made, according to local TV station WRAL's reports. The protesters were charged with impending the flow of traffic as well as with resisting, delaying or obstructing officers. The five individuals had chained themselves together in the middle of the street and had refused to move, even as cars attempted to drive through the area.

Micky Bee, of the Transgender Law Center, told reporters, "All of these people are angry. They are upset. They have been left out of the democratic process."

He continued, "Our communities are strong, our communities are resilient, and our communities want solutions that include them. This is hate and bigotry."

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